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Ch. Xeralane's Dragonheart CGC,RN




What Pets want commercial

Dragon was 7mos. old when this commercial was filmed.  Yes he still has the hat.

Western Washington Hound Association08/07/2005Mrs. Pamela B. PeatPuppy 6 -9WD & BW2No
Cascade Dachshund Club08/19/2005Dr. John S. Contoupepuppy 6-9WD5No
Gig Harbor Kennel Club09/24/2005Mrs. Edith Tichenor HansonPuppy, 9-12 Mo Dogs1/W/B/BW1No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: Win over specials
Gig Harbor Kennel Club09/25/2005Douglas Shipley (DECEASED)Puppy, 9-12 Mo Dogs1/W/BW1No
East Bay Dachshund Club, Inc.10/21/2005Dr. John C. Sheltonpup 9- 12WD & BW5No
Del Valle Dog Club Of Livermore10/23/2005Ms. Christine EricksonPuppy, 9-12 Mo Dogs1/W/BW4No
Willamette Valley Kennel Club11/06/2005Ms. Joy S. BrewsterBOBBOV-No
Yakima Valley Kennel Club, Inc.06/04/2006Mrs. Houston (Toddie) ClarkBOVBOV-No
Olympia Dog Fanciers Association05/05/2007Mrs. Gloria GeringerBOVBOV2No
Olympia Dog Fanciers Association05/06/2007John F. RemondiBOVBOV2No
Southern Oregon Kennel Club05/10/2007Del RichardsBOVBOV5No
Southern Oregon Kennel Club05/11/2007Mrs. Carol EsterkinBOVBOV5No
Klamath Dog Fanciers, Inc.05/12/2007Mrs. Joan FraileyBOVBOV5No
Klamath Dog Fanciers, Inc.05/13/2007Jamieson (Rick) R. GlendinningBOVBOV5No
Mt. Baker Kennel Club, Inc.05/19/2007Mrs. Carol EsterkinBOVBOV3No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: This is Dragon's 7th win in a row as a Special. He is so happy when he is in the ring.Thank you to all of those who belive in this boy.
Mt. Baker Kennel Club, Inc.05/20/2007Mrs. Karin B. AsheBOVBOV-No
Spokane Kennel Club05/27/2007Mrs. Robert S. ForsythBOVBOV9No
Coeur D'alene Dog Fanciers05/28/2007William R. RussellBOVBOV5No
Coeur D'alene Dog Fanciers05/29/2007Mrs. Lee CanalizoBOVBOV3No
Yakima Valley Kennel Club, Inc.06/02/2007Charles E. TrotterBOVBOV8No
Yakima Valley Kennel Club, Inc.06/03/2007Mrs. Dorothy O. HutchinsonBOVBOV8No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:What a way to end the weekend. Dragon showed extremly well in high heat outdoors in tall grass and still impressed one of the best. Thank you Mrs. Hutchinson for seeing the superior quality in this boy. Also thank you to Shea and Tiffany Skinner for making this boy shine every time he is in the ring. You guys are the best.
Bell Vernon Kennel Association, Inc.06/30/2007David L. HiltzBOVBOV1No
Bell Vernon Kennel Association, Inc.07/01/2007Mrs. Lesley E. HiltzBOVBOV1No
Western Washington Hound Association08/05/2007William L. BartonBOVBOV1No
Nisqually Kennel Club08/11/2007Mrs. Jeannette McGinnisBOVBOV2No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: Dragon also made the cut in this very competetive group. Thank you Tiffany and shea for doing such a wonderful job every weekend
Nisqually Kennel Club08/12/2007William E. UsherwoodBOVBOV2No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: Mr. Usherwood also gave him a cut in the group yesterday(8/11/07).
Sammamish Kennel Club08/26/2007William F. Potter IIBOVBOV2No
Longview-kelso Kennel Club, Inc.09/02/2007Elliott B. WeissB.O.V.B2No
Wenatchee Kennel Club09/16/2007Ms. Helen M. HaasBOVBOV10No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Dragon also made the cut in the very commpetive hound group.
Gig Harbor Kennel Club09/22/2007Ms. Debbie K. PetersenB.O.V.B-No
Gig Harbor Kennel Club09/23/2007Steven WoldenB.O.V.B-No
Lost Coast Kennel Club Of California06/28/2008John P. WadeB.O.V.B/G4-No
Lost Coast Kennel Club Of California06/29/2008Ms. Marjorie MartorellaB.O.V.B-No